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Voice and Data Systems

Power and Data

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER112395AiphoneDMA206060 Watt AmpCall for Price.Details
ER113032AiphoneSKK-620BPower Supply 6V Dc 0.2A Ul. 200 Ma 6Vdc OutputCall for Price.Details
ER925767AiphoneSKK-620C6V Dc Power Supply, 200Ma, 110V Input, UlCall for Price.Details
ER583243AltronixAL1012ACM220Power Supply/Chargers With Multi-Output$280.17Details
ER882910AltronixAL1012ACMCB220Power Supply/Chargers W/Multi-Output Acc$280.17Details
ER322565AltronixAL300ULXJPsu/Charger Converts 115Vac/60Into Singl$202.63Details
ER583266AltronixALTV615DC8220Power Supply 6-15Vdc 8 Output 4 Amp Modified F/220$135.84Details
ER117982AltronixBKT22 U Rack Mount Brackets/Pair$12.45Details
ER583328AltronixHUBSAT42DIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$265.20Details
ER583329AltronixHUBSAT42WPIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$311.22Details
ER583330AltronixHUBSAT43WPIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$339.93Details
ER583331AltronixHUBSAT4DBHubsat Replacement Board$150.93Details
ER119155AltronixHUBSAT4WPPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Camera Pow$253.71Details
ER583332AltronixHUBSAT4WPIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$258.80Details
ER583333AltronixHUBSAT82DIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$490.44Details
ER583334AltronixHUBSAT83DIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$547.88Details
ER118325AltronixHUBSAT8DIPassive Utp Transceiver Hub W/ Integral Isolated C$367.11Details
ER118335AltronixHUBWAY8BBnc Replace Board; Passive$46.89Details
ER583336AltronixHUBWAY8PSCBHubway 8 Power Supply Circuitboard$46.89Details
ER119278AltronixHUBWAYAV2PKVideo Balun/Combiners, Hubwayav2, Slim-Line *Pack$129.32Details
ER119515AltronixOLS180220220 Volt Power Supply/Chargerac& Battery$128.29Details
ER119532AltronixR24860024 Vac @ 25 Amp 8 Outputs Rack Mount$305.64Details
ER322531AltronixRESERV1BInverter Board For Reserv1$157.73Details
ER119540AltronixRESERV2WPVideo Surveillance Ups, Outdoor, (16) 24Vac True S$329.29Details
ER583399AltronixVERTILINE24CDPower Supply, Cctv, 24-Protected Outputs, Individu$354.37Details
ER870024AltronixWPTV2483002208 Fused Outputs Outdoor Cctv Ac Power Su$199.23Details
ER584088American FibertekAFI-MRCModule To Rack Card Conversionkit$22.29Details
ER584089American FibertekAFI-PCSC-01MD1 Meter Sm Simplex Patchcord Sc To Sc$33.60Details
ER584090American FibertekAFI-PCSC-01MS1 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord Sc To Sc$17.82Details
ER584091American FibertekAFI-PCSC-02MS2 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord Sc To Sc$19.60Details
ER584092American FibertekAFI-PCSC-03MS3 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord Sc To Sc$21.39Details
ER584093American FibertekAFI-PCSC-05MS5 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord Sc To Sc$24.06Details
ER584094American FibertekAFI-PCSC-10MS10 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcordsc To Sc$30.15Details
ER584095American FibertekAFI-PCST-01MD1 Meter Sm Duplex Patchcord Stto St$33.60Details
ER584096American FibertekAFI-PCST-01MS1 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To St$17.82Details
ER584097American FibertekAFI-PCST-01SS1 Meter Sm Simplex Patchcord St To St$32.73Details
ER584098American FibertekAFI-PCST-02MS2 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To St$19.60Details
ER584099American FibertekAFI-PCST-03MS3 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To St$21.39Details
ER584100American FibertekAFI-PCST-05MS5 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To St$24.06Details
ER584101American FibertekAFI-PCST-10MS10 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcordst To St$30.15Details
ER584102American FibertekAFI-PCTW-01MS1 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To Sc$17.82Details
ER584103American FibertekAFI-PCTW-02MS2 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To Sc$19.60Details
ER584104American FibertekAFI-PCTW-03MS3 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To Sc$21.39Details
ER584105American FibertekAFI-PCTW-05MS5 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcord St To Sc$24.06Details
ER584106American FibertekAFI-PCTW-10MS10 Meter Mm Simplex Patchcordst To Sc$30.15Details
ER584107American FibertekAFI-PS-1212 Volt Dc Plug In Power Suppl$16.04Details
ER584108American FibertekAFI-PS-12AC12 Volt Ac Plug In Power Suppl$16.04Details
ER584109American FibertekAFI-PS-12D12 Volt Regulated Dc Plug In Power Suppl$26.74Details
ER584110American FibertekAFI-PS-2424 Volt Ac Plug In Power Supply$10.78Details
ER584111American FibertekAFI-PS-24CT-T24 Volt Center Tap Plug Powersupply$22.29Details
ER584112American FibertekC10-FSMFlush Mounting Kit,Commander C10$21.39Details
ER584117American FibertekMMR860CSLSix Channel Fm Video Module Rack Receive$2,963.16Details
ER584118American FibertekMMR-880C8Ch Fm Video Module/Rack Rx Mm$2,940.88Details
ER584119American FibertekMR-10Module Video Rx,Mm$441.13Details
ER584123American FibertekMR-1600PEModule Rx Video/Up-The-Coax Panasonic Da$1,073.57Details
ER120401American FibertekMR-188Module Rx-Video/Stereo Audio Output,Mm$577.48Details
ER122195American FibertekMR-404CFour Channel Fm Video Module Receiver$1,042.68Details
ER121316American FibertekMR440CSLFour Channel Fm Video Module Receiver$1,633.83Details
ER584142American FibertekMR-81SLReceiver Module, Multimode, 8-Channel, Contact Clo$799.53Details
ER584144American FibertekMR-86Modular Rx/Tx Phone Line,Phoneinterface,$888.21Details
ER584147American FibertekMR-86C-SLTelephone Line Extender System, 86C-Sl Series, Mod$1,333.01Details
ER584155American FibertekMR-91P088CMultimod Module Rx Digital Video/2Ch Aud$1,470.45Details
ER584156American FibertekMR-91P088C-SLSinglemode Module Rx Digital Video/2Ch A$1,886.33Details
ER584179American FibertekMR-9464-Ch 10-Bit Digital Video/Mltiprotocol D$2,443.30Details
ER584182American FibertekMR-980SLModule Rx 8Ch Video 10Bit Digt$2,888.90Details
ER584183American FibertekMR-985CReceiver Module, Multimode, 10-Bit Digital 8-Chann$1,522.42Details
ER121324American FibertekMRM-300C-SVideo Receiver Module, Single Mode, 1300Nm, 12Db $377.81Details
ER844205American FibertekMRM-910SL-STReceiver, M910Sl Series, Module, 10-Bit Digital Vi$677.93Details
ER584196American FibertekMRR-860C-SLVideo Receiver Module, Single Mode, 6-Channel, Fm$2,814.13Details
ER584197American FibertekMRR-98010-Bit Digital 8-Chl Module/ Rack Video$2,822.05Details
ER584199American FibertekMRT-860C-SLVideo Transmitter Module, Single Mode, 6-Channel,$2,814.13Details
ER584200American FibertekMRT860SSLSix Channel Fm Video Module Rack Transmi$2,963.16Details
ER121328American FibertekMRT-880CVideo Transmitter Module, Multimode, 8-Channel, Fm$2,792.97Details
ER584201American FibertekMRT-98010-Bit Digital 8-Chl Module/ Rack Video$2,822.05Details
ER388391American FibertekMRX1M-FX-SCMini Ethernet Media Converter-Single Fib$417.07Details
ER584209American FibertekMRX-486Receiver Module, Multimode, Bi-Directional Transce$762.85Details
ER122222American FibertekMRX-48-LX-SL-SCReceiver Module, Single Mode, Bi-Directional Trans$946.23Details
ER584225American FibertekMT-1600PEModule Tx Video/Up-The-Coax Panasonic Da$1,073.57Details
ER122227American FibertekMT-188Module Tx-Video/Stereo Audio Input,Mm$577.48Details
ER121524American FibertekMT-404CFour Channel Fm Video Module Transmitter$1,042.68Details
ER121591American FibertekMT440CSLFour Channel Fm Video Module Transmitter$1,633.83Details
ER122231American FibertekMT-86Modular Tx/Rx, Handset, Phoneline Interf$888.21Details
ER584249American FibertekMT-86C-SLTelephone Line Extender System, 86C-Sl Series, Mod$1,333.01Details
ER876026American FibertekMT-86C-SL B1B1 Module Tx - Handset Dev Interface 2 F$948.84Details
ER584254American FibertekMT-91310-Bit Digital Module Video Tx/3-Ch Data$1,633.83Details
ER584256American FibertekMT-91P088CMultimode Module Tx Digital Video/2Ch Au$1,470.45Details
ER584257American FibertekMT-91P088C-SLSinglemode Module Tx Digital Video/2Ch A$1,886.33Details
ER584276American FibertekMT-9464-Ch 10-Bit Digital Video/Mltiprotocol D$2,443.30Details
ER584279American FibertekMT-980SLModule Tx 8Ch Video 10Bit Digt$2,888.90Details
ER584281American FibertekMT-985CTransmitter Module, Multimode, 10-Bit Digital 8-Ch$1,522.42Details
ER120821American FibertekMTM-1CMini Transmitter Module, Camera Mount, 850Nm, 12Db$221.18Details
ER717004American FibertekMTM-910SL-STTransmitter, M910Sl Series, Module, 10-Bit Digital$677.93Details
ER388410American FibertekMTX1M-FX-SCMini Ethernet Media Converter-Single Fib$417.07Details
ER584303American FibertekMTX-486Transmitter Module, Multimode, Bi-Directional Tran$762.85Details
ER584312American FibertekMTX-48-LX-ST-POETransmitter Module, Multimode, Bi-Directional Tran$828.86Details
ER584320American FibertekMTX-985CTransmitter Module, Rack Card, Multimode, 10-Bit D$3,597.01Details
ER584328American FibertekMX-46-FX-AAModule 2 Fiber 10/100 Ethernet1300Nm 2Km$473.22Details
ER584329American FibertekMX-46-FX-SL-SC-POETransceiver Module, 10 / 100 Ethernet, Singlemode,$799.53Details
ER322318American FibertekMX-48-LX-STTransceiver Module, Multimode, Bi-Directional, 2-F$677.93Details
ER584370American FibertekMX-49-LX-SL-SC-POETransceiver Module, Single Mode, Bi-Directional, 2$1,012.24Details
ER584377American FibertekMX-49-SX-SCTransceiver Module, Drop & Repeat, 10 / 100 / 1000$207.94Details
ER584378American FibertekMX-49-SX-SC-POETransceiver Module, Drop & Repeat, 10 / 100 / 1000$726.17Details
ER837812American FibertekPS-4860 RBRebox: Universal Input Power Suply 48/60$197.96Details
ER796407American FibertekPX300A250-2A8D8C8NL1Ac Dc Power Products 225-450Whybrid Powe$653.09Details
ER121576American FibertekRR818 Ch One-Way Contact Closure W/Fail Safe Rx-Rckcrd$657.22Details
ER584468American FibertekRR-91310-Bit Digital Rack Card Videorx/3-Ch Da$1,633.83Details
ER584491American FibertekRR-92P88Transceiver, 92P88 Series, Rack Card Receiver, (2)$1,615.13Details
ER121046American FibertekRRM-30CRack Card Video Receiver, 3-Channel, (1) Fiber Per$601.75Details
ER388429American FibertekRRM-910Video Receiver, Rack Card, Multimode, Digital, 10-$510.36Details
ER584575American FibertekRT-92P88Transceiver, 92P88 Series, Rack Card Transmitter,$1,615.13Details
ER388436American FibertekRT-945CTransmitter, Rack Card, Multimode, 10-Bit Digital$2,320.42Details
ER584585American FibertekRTM-1605PRack Card Video Transmitter, Data Transceiver, Pan$606.33Details
ER584588American FibertekRTM-300C-SRack Card Rm Video Tx,Sm$687.39Details
ER584609American FibertekRX-46-FX-AARackcard2 Fiber 10/100 Ethernt1300Nm 2Km$473.22Details
ER121799American FibertekRX-46-FX-STRack Card Transceiver, Multimode, Bi-Directional,$449.41Details
ER584610American FibertekRX-46-FX-ST RBRebox: 10/100Base Ethernet Tcvr,2F,Mm St$402.23Details
ER584619American FibertekRX-48-SX-ST2 Fiber 10/100/1000 Ethernet Media Converter 850Nm$525.59Details
ER584626American FibertekSFP-FX1-20ATransceiver Module, Small Form-Factor Pluggable, S$71.10Details
ER854121American FibertekSR-20/2 B2B Standard Sr-20 Eia 19"Framew/ Psr-2 Po$397.02Details
ER584779APC / American Power Conversion0M-42643-Pole, 20A Bolt-On Square D Bbreaker$106.71Details
ER584780APC / American Power Conversion0M-5350-019Tc 5Wire W/L21-20 19Foot$144.38Details
ER584782APC / American Power Conversion0M-5350-023Tc 5Wire W/L21-20 23Foot$153.80Details
ER584783APC / American Power Conversion0M-5886-017Cordset #6 50A 250V 3P-4W 17Ft$290.56Details
ER584784APC / American Power Conversion0M-5886-019Cordset #6 50A 250V 3P-4W 17Ft$326.89Details
ER584785APC / American Power Conversion0M-5886-021Cordset #6 50A 250V 3P-4W 21Ft$343.53Details
ER584786APC / American Power Conversion0M-5886-023Cordset #6 50A 250V 3P-4W 23Ft$360.17Details
ER584787APC / American Power Conversion0M-5886-041Cordset #6 50A 250V 3P-4W 41Ft$517.56Details
ER584788APC / American Power Conversion0M-6866S/A Tested 3P 50A Ckt Brkr 120/240 Ul$197.75Details
ER584789APC / American Power Conversion1TWF0500H54BRc Apc Dc Rectifier, 500 Watt54Vdc, Wide$375.30Details
ER772093APC / American Power Conversion1TWF0500H54B RBRb Rc Apc Dc Rectifier,500 Wat54Vdc,Wide$363.51Details
ER584790APC / American Power Conversion3827GY-10Apc Category 5 Utp 568B Patchcable, Grey$6.85Details
ER584791APC / American Power Conversion3827GY-20Apc Category 5 Utp 568B Patchcable, Grey$8.52Details
ER584792APC / American Power Conversion3827GY-25Apc Category 5 Utp 568B Patchcable, Grey$9.43Details
ER584793APC / American Power Conversion3827GY-5Apc Category 5 Utp 568B Patchcable, Grey$5.25Details
ER584794APC / American Power Conversion47136WHCat 5 Inline Coupler, Rj45 Female To Fem$9.80Details
ER584798APC / American Power ConversionACAC10003Inrow Roof Height Adapter Sx42U To Vx42U$650.73Details
ER584799APC / American Power ConversionACAC10005Inrow Bridge Partition Data Cable 300 Mm$268.36Details
ER584800APC / American Power ConversionACAC100113Ft (0.9144M) Stainless Flex Pipe Kit 1"$584.15Details
ER584801APC / American Power ConversionACAC10021Inrow Sc Bridge Trough, Powerand Data Ca$205.60Details
ER584802APC / American Power ConversionACAC10022Isolation Valve Assemblies 1/2" Odf$103.58Details
ER851887APC / American Power ConversionACAC40000Netshelter Av 2U Vent Panel With Tempera$80.03Details
ER584803APC / American Power ConversionACAC75009Flooded Receiver 17Lb, R410A 6" Diameter$1,466.04Details
ER584804APC / American Power ConversionACCD75201Condenser 1 Ec Fan 8.8 Mbh/1Ftd 200-240V$6,905.05Details
ER584805APC / American Power ConversionACCD75205Condenser 2 Ec Fan 14.6 Mbh/1Ftd 460-480$12,017.15Details
ER584807APC / American Power ConversionACCD75214Condenser 1 Fan, Single Circui2.4 Mbh/1F$2,768.84Details
ER584808APC / American Power ConversionACCS1000Apc Rack Air Containment Rearassembly Fo$913.72Details
ER584809APC / American Power ConversionACCS1001Apc Rack Air Containment Rearassem Netsh$1,769.76Details
ER584810APC / American Power ConversionACCS1002Apc Rack Air Containment End Caps$443.41Details
ER584811APC / American Power ConversionACCS1003Apc Rack Air Containment Frontassembly F$1,060.90Details
ER584812APC / American Power ConversionACCS1005Apc Rack Air Containment Frontassembly N$1,586.21Details
ER584813APC / American Power ConversionACCS1006Rack Air Cont Rear Assembly For Netshelt$2,052.81Details
ER584814APC / American Power ConversionACDC1009Door Lock Assy$650.73Details
ER584815APC / American Power ConversionACDC1015Retrofittable Ceiling Assembly750Mm$859.80Details
ER584816APC / American Power ConversionACDC1016Door And Frame Assembly Sx Tosx$2,519.42Details
ER123530APC / American Power ConversionACF001Apc Air Distribution Unit 2U Rackmount 115V 60Hz, Black$861.26Details
ER584819APC / American Power ConversionACF126Rack Air Removal Unit Sx Ducting Kit 24" Ceiling Tiles Rohs$247.96Details
ER584820APC / American Power ConversionACF201BLKApc Rack Side Air Distribution 2U Rackmount 115V 60Hz, Black$641.65Details
ER359063APC / American Power ConversionACF301Wiring Closet Ventilation Unit 100-240 50-60Hz$1,075.48Details
ER584821APC / American Power ConversionACF310Air Intake Grille For Wiring Closet Vent$520.58Details
ER122615APC / American Power ConversionACF400Rack Air Removal Unit Sx 100- 240V 50/60Hz -Netshelter 600Mm Rohs$2,659.54Details
ER122787APC / American Power ConversionACF402Rack Air Removal Unit 100-240V 50/60Hz For Netshelter 750Mm$2,780.05Details
ER123531APC / American Power ConversionACF501Netshelter Sx Roof Fan Tray 115 Vac Rohs$361.68Details
ER122788APC / American Power ConversionACF502Netshelter Sx Roof Fan Tray 208-230 Vac$361.68Details
ER122616APC / American Power ConversionACF503Roof Fan Tray 120V 50/60Hz For Netshelter 750Mm$558.42Details
ER359062APC / American Power ConversionACF600Netshelter Av 2U Rack Fan Panel$199.32Details
ER584825APC / American Power ConversionACRC100Inrow Rc Chilled Water Coolingsystem 100$9,231.35Details
ER895479APC / American Power ConversionACRC100 RBRb Inrow Rc Chilled Water Coolsystem 100$8,941.15Details
ER584826APC / American Power ConversionACRC502Inrow Rc, 600Mm, Chilled Water, 380-415V$20,304.86Details
ER584827APC / American Power ConversionACRD100Inrow Rd, 300Mm, Air Cooled 208-230V, 60$10,257.05Details
ER584828APC / American Power ConversionACRD101Inrow Rd, 300Mm, Air Cooled, 2220-240V,$11,282.75Details
ER584830APC / American Power ConversionACRP101Inrow Rp Dx Air Cooled 460-480V 60Hz Coo$22,791.17Details
ER584832APC / American Power ConversionACSC101Inrow Sc, 300Mm, Air Cooled, Self-Contai$8,267.19Details
ER584833APC / American Power ConversionAP420Apc Ferrite For 10Bt Cable Qty10$37.39Details
ER121731APC / American Power ConversionAP5201Power Supply 8 Port Multi Platform Analog Kvm$683.76Details
ER121732APC / American Power ConversionAP5202Apc 16 Port Multi Platform Analog Kvm Switch$958.75Details
ER123532APC / American Power ConversionAP5250Kvm Ps/2 Cable 6 Ft (1.8 M) Rohs$62.47Details
ER123533APC / American Power ConversionAP5253Cable Apc Kvm Usb 6'For Kvm Switch$73.75Details
ER584835APC / American Power ConversionAP5254Apc Kvm Ps/2 Cable - 12 Ft 3.6M$81.76Details
ER123534APC / American Power ConversionAP5257Apc Kvm Usb Cable - 12 Ft (3.6 M)$97.76Details
ER584836APC / American Power ConversionAP5258Apc Kvm Ps/2 Cable 25 Ft (7.6M)$118.49Details
ER584837APC / American Power ConversionAP5262Kvm Daisy-Chain Cable 2 Ft (0.6 M) Rohs$72.04Details
ER123536APC / American Power ConversionAP5630Apc Kvm Ps/2 Server Module *Phasing Out*$124.93Details
ER121736APC / American Power ConversionAP5641Apc Kvm To Apc Switched Rack Pdu Power Mgmt Cable$31.53Details
ER123537APC / American Power ConversionAP5717Apc 17" Rack Lcd Monitor Keyboard, Mouse$1,232.29Details
ER121737APC / American Power ConversionAP5719Apc 19" Rack Lcd Console$1,427.86Details
ER121738APC / American Power ConversionAP580817" Rack Lcd Console W/ Integrated 8Port Analog Kvm Switch$1,786.58Details
ER121739APC / American Power ConversionAP581617" Rack Lcd Console W/ Integrated 16Port Analog Kvm Switch$2,072.43Details
ER122619APC / American Power ConversionAP-5821Apc Integrated Lcd Kvm Usb Cable - 6 Ft (1.8M)$68.90Details
ER820736APC / American Power ConversionAP5822Apc Integrated Rack Lcd/Kvm Usb Cable - 10Ft (3M)$92.90Details
ER584839APC / American Power ConversionAP7400Bracket Kit, 0U Rack Pdu, Hp/Dell$50.95Details
ER584840APC / American Power ConversionAP7406Bracket Kit, 0U, Rack Pdu, Hp$55.11Details
ER901893APC / American Power ConversionAP7516Rack Pdu, Basic, 1U, 14.4Kw 208V, (6) C19 Rohs$767.54Details
ER122791APC / American Power ConversionAP7530Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U, 20A 120V, (24)5-20 10' Cord Black$287.11Details
ER122792APC / American Power ConversionAP7532Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U, 30A 120V, (24) 5-20 Rohs$356.58Details
ER122620APC / American Power ConversionAP7540Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U 20A, 208V, (20)C13 &Amp; (4)C19$287.11Details
ER122621APC / American Power ConversionAP7541Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U (20)C13 &Amp; (4)C19 200/208V$348.87Details
ER584841APC / American Power ConversionAP7553Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U, 32A 230V, (20)C13 &Amp; (4)C19 Rohs$356.58Details
ER584842APC / American Power ConversionAP7557Rack Pdu, Basic, Zero U, 11 Kw, 230V, (36) C13 &Amp; (6) C19$734.30Details
ER122622APC / American Power ConversionAP75623-Phase Vertical 42-Outlet Pdu 208V Input 120V Output Black 5.7Kw$355.03Details
ER584843APC / American Power ConversionAP75633-Phase Vertical Pdu 120/208V (21)5-20 &Amp; (6)L6-20 Black 5.7Kw$356.58Details