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Voice and Data Systems


ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER1031273ABBPR120/D-MModbus Rtu Com Module$1,600.94Details
ER989446Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoH20415490Usb To Serial Rs485 Convertor$110.28Details
ER1000426Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoH20415510Usb To Serial Rs232 Convertor$110.28Details
ER819768ADTRAN1184501E1Opti-6100 Mx ChassisCall for Price.Details
ER739938ADTRAN1184502L1Opti-6100 Oc-3 Omm-3 Long Reach, Terminal Mode 1310NmCall for Price.Details
ER740612ADTRAN1184502L5Opti-6100 Oc-3 Omm-3 Intermediate Reach, Add/Drop Multiplexer, 1310NmCall for Price.Details
ER725384ADTRAN1184515L3Opti-6100 Tributary Module Ds1 Vt1.5 Mapping, Timing EnhancedCall for Price.Details
ER740917ADTRAN1184515L4Opti-6100 Tributary Module Ds1 Vt1.5 Mapping Enhanced$1,878.37Details
ER897357ADTRAN1184524L1Opti-6100 Tributary Module 8-Port EthernetCall for Price.Details
ER839091ADTRAN1184525L1Opti-6100 Tributary Module 8-Port Ethernet, EnhancedCall for Price.Details
ER777173ADTRAN1184535L1Opti-6100 Tributary Modules Gigabit Ethernet Over Pdh Fiber Module (Gefm)Call for Price.Details
ER912059ADTRAN1184543L4Opti-6100 Tributary Module 0C-3, Enhanced, 1310 NmCall for Price.Details
ER881030ADTRAN1185001L1Mx2810 M13 Multiplexer ChassisCall for Price.Details
ER836499ADTRAN1186002F3Mx2820 M13 Mux 1186002F3$1,041.13Details
ER780475ADTRAN1186002L1Mx2820 Mux Card 1186002L1$1,011.22Details
ER715742ADTRAN1186002L3Mx2820 Mux Pm/Bert 1186002L3Call for Price.Details
ER784573ADTRAN1186004L1Mx2820 Clock Card 1186004L1Call for Price.Details
ER866402ADTRAN1200054L2Nx56/64 V.35 Plug-On Module For Tsu SeriesCall for Price.Details
ER820552ADTRAN1200060L2Single-Port E1 Csu/Dsu T1 Csu W/ Bantam Test JacksCall for Price.Details
ER881680ADTRAN1200065L1Drop/Insert Plug-In Module Tsu SeriesCall for Price.Details
ER924530ADTRAN1200103L2Dual Fxo Plug-In Module For Tsu SeriesCall for Price.Details
ER781064ADTRAN1200104L2Dual Fxo Plug-On Module For Tsu Series$381.85Details
ER800908ADTRAN1200106L3Dual E&Amp;M/To Plug-On Module For Tsu SeriesCall for Price.Details
ER734047ADTRAN1200114L1Dsx-1 Plug-On Module Tsu SeriesCall for Price.Details
ER888488ADTRAN1200127L1#HSDual Dsu Iii Plug-In Module Hot Swappable For Tsu 600$455.98Details
ER581327ADTRAN1200184L1Atlas 800 Series Quad Nx 56/64 V.35 Option Module$1,991.56Details
ER581328ADTRAN1200185L3Atlas 800 Series Quad T1/Pri Option Module$2,271.07Details
ER771683ADTRAN1200223L1Atlas 800 Series T3 Option ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER790437ADTRAN1200230L1Office Channel Data Port Tsu Dual Ocu Dp Module$401.20Details
ER755342ADTRAN1200231L1Dual Ocu Dp Plug-On Module For Tsu SeriesCall for Price.Details
ER581347ADTRAN1200305E2Atlas 550 - 6-Slot Base Uniit, Ac, Integrated Access Device$2,649.03Details
ER581349ADTRAN1200307E2Atlas 550 T1/Pri Network Interface Modul$370.20Details
ER581353ADTRAN1200311E1Atlas 550 Dual Nx56/64 V.35 ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER581355ADTRAN1200314E2Atlas 550 Dual T1/Pri Module$819.50Details
ER581360ADTRAN1200338L1Atlas 800 Series Octal Fxs Option Module$897.99Details
ER581409ADTRAN1200755E2Atlas 550 Quad T1/Pri Module$1,297.33Details
ER581423ADTRAN1200780L1Atlas 830 Base Unit, Ac System For Tdm, Isdn, And Frame Relay$4,631.14Details
ER581466ADTRAN1202011L156/64K Dsu/Csu, All-Rate V.35 And Eia-232 Dte Interface$548.89Details
ER899620ADTRAN1202054L1Nx56/64 V.35 Plug-In Module For Tsu SeriesCall for Price.Details
ER581467ADTRAN1202066L1T1 Esf Csu Rackmount 2Nd Gen$847.73Details
ER711305ADTRAN1202156L2Tdu 120E - Ac 1U Rackmount With V.35 And Dsx-1 Interface$419.54Details
ER581472ADTRAN1202295L1Single-Port E1 Csu/Dsu T1/Ft1 Csu$558.76Details
ER722069ADTRAN1202300L1Quad Fxs Plug-In Module For Tsu Series$663.92Details
ER581492ADTRAN1203060L1Single-Port E1 Csu/Dsu T1/Ft1 Csu W/ Bantam Test Jack$804.11Details
ER581494ADTRAN1203860G1Netvanta 3200 Modular Access Single Slot/Dual Ethernet Desktop Enclosure$583.25Details
ER800786ADTRAN1205288L1Mx2800 Controller With Modem$1,256.53Details
ER874818ADTRAN1700108G1Analog Station Voice Interface Module (Modem) Vim2Call for Price.Details
ER581541ADTRAN1700109G1Analog Station Voice Interface Module (Modem) Vim2$672.91Details
ER581643ADTRAN1702595G12Translates Between Activreach Ethernet Poe/Data Connectivity$94.27Details
ER755685ADTRAN4186001L10Mx2820 19" Chassis, Scu, 10 Mux Card 4186001L10Call for Price.Details
ER758461ADTRAN4186001L12Mx2820 19" Chassis, Scu, 12 Mux CardCall for Price.Details
ER809447ADTRAN4186002L10Mx2820 23" Chassis, Scu, 10 Mux CardCall for Price.Details
ER745611ADTRAN4186002L12Mx2820 23" Chassis, Scu, 12 Mux CardCall for Price.Details
ER832460ADTRAN4186002L14Mx2820 23" Chassis, Scu, 14 Mux CardCall for Price.Details
ER892286ADTRAN4186003L10Mx2820 19" Chassis, Scu 10 Sts-1Call for Price.Details
ER916864ADTRAN4186003L12Mx2820 19" Chassis, Scu 12 Sts-1Call for Price.Details
ER719721ADTRAN4186003L14Mx2820 19" Chassis, Scu 14 Sts-1Call for Price.Details
ER835910ADTRAN4186004L10Mx2820 23" Chassis, Scu 10 Sts-1Call for Price.Details
ER840469ADTRAN4186004L12Mx2820 23" Chassis, Scu 12 Sts-1Call for Price.Details
ER744467ADTRAN4186004L14Mx2820 23" Chassis, Scu 14 Sts-1Call for Price.Details
ER847829ADTRAN4200261L1Atlas 800 Series Rs-449/V.36 Quad Ussi Option ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER581853ADTRAN4200261L2Atlas 800 Series Eia-530, Quad Ussi Option ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER751194ADTRAN4200261L3Atlas 800 Series X.21/V.11 Quad Ussi Option ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER773465ADTRAN4200261L4Atlas 800 Series Eia-232, Quad Ussi Option ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER862119ADTRAN4200305L2Atlas 550 Video Switch$5,152.99Details
ER581856ADTRAN4200321L1Atlas 890 Non Redundant System For Tdm, Isdn, And Frame Relay AcCall for Price.Details
ER581857ADTRAN4200321L2Atlas 890 Redundant System For Tdm, Isdn, And Frame Relay AcCall for Price.Details
ER924029ADTRAN4200321L3Atlas 890 Non Redundant System For Tdm, Isdn, And Frame Relay DcCall for Price.Details
ER581858ADTRAN4200321L4Atlas 890 Redundant System For Tdm, Isdn, And Frame Relay Dc$10,582.71Details
ER924128ADTRAN4200754L1Atlas 550 Dual Rs-449 / V.36 Ussi ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER726633ADTRAN4200754L3Atlas 550 Dual X.21/V11 Ussi ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER805667ADTRAN4200773L1Atlas 800 Series Dual V.35 Video Option ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER581879ADTRAN4200773L2Atlas 800 Series Dual Eia-530 Video Option ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER581880ADTRAN4200773L3Atlas 800 Series Dual Rs-449 Video Option ModuleCall for Price.Details
ER581881ADTRAN4200780L1Atlas 830 Video Switch V.35 System For Video ApplicationsCall for Price.Details
ER820954ADTRAN4200780L2Atlas 830 Video Switch Rs-449 System For Video ApplicationsCall for Price.Details
ER581882ADTRAN4200780L3Atlas 830 Video Switch Eia-530 System For Video ApplicationsCall for Price.Details
ER826720ADTRAN4200821E11120Netvanta 3448 Multiservice Access Router 8-Port Managed Layer 2, PoeCall for Price.Details
ER713889ADTRAN4205290L10Mx2800 Ds3 Ac/Dc Redundant Mux With V.34 ModemCall for Price.Details
ER748573ADTRAN4205290L11Mx2800 Ds3 Ac P1/C1/M/FCall for Price.Details
ER764549ADTRAN4205290L12Mx2800 Ds3 Ac P2/C2/M/FCall for Price.Details
ER905009ADTRAN4205290L13Mx2800 Ds3 Dc P1/C1/M/FCall for Price.Details
ER910656ADTRAN4205290L14Mx2800 Ds3 Dc P2/C2/M/FCall for Price.Details
ER803336ADTRAN4205290L15Mx2800 Ds3 Ac P1/C1/FCall for Price.Details
ER716054ADTRAN4205290L17Mx2800 Ds3 Dc P1/C1/FCall for Price.Details
ER723089ADTRAN4205290L2Mx2800 Ds3 Ac Redundant Mux With V.34 Modem$3,115.17Details
ER797639ADTRAN4205290L23Mx2800 Non-Redundant 24V With ModemCall for Price.Details
ER859577ADTRAN4205290L24Mx2800 Redundant 24V With ModemCall for Price.Details
ER867655ADTRAN4205290L27Mx2800 Non-Redundant 24V With/Out ModemCall for Price.Details
ER813639ADTRAN4205290L3Mx2800 Ds3 Dc Redundant Mux With/Out V.34 ModemCall for Price.Details
ER787225ADTRAN4205290L34Mx2800 Redundant 24V With Modem And FansCall for Price.Details
ER776659ADTRAN4205290L4Mx2800 Ds3 Dc Redundant Mux With V.34 Modem$3,359.84Details
ER581953ADTRAN4205290L6Mx2800 Ds3 Ac Redundant Mux With/Out V.34 Modem$3,006.87Details
ER787760ADTRAN4702595G12INNetvanta Activreach Media ConverterCall for Price.Details
ER582017ADTRAN4740202G10Netvanta 6240 8 Fxs, 30 Ch Dsp 4740202G10$1,400.63Details
ER820599ADTRAN4740202G11Netvanta 6240, 8 Fxs, 2 Fxo 4740202G11Call for Price.Details
ER790660Allied TelesisAT-CM302Converteon Mod: 10/100Tx To 100Fx(Sc) 2 Port Switch$301.58Details
ER916002Allied TelesisAT-CM70S4 X T1/E1 + 10/100Mbps Ethernet To Fiber Sfp$796.23Details
ER787099Allied TelesisAT-CV1KSSConverteon Line Card 1000X Sfp To 1000X Sfp$268.08Details
ER878155Allied TelesisAT-CV5001Converteon 18Slot Media Cnvtr Chassis - No Pwr Supp$581.61Details
ER920644Allied TelesisAT-FS201-9010/100Tx To 100Fx(St) Multi-Mode Fiber, Standalone Media Converter$266.34Details
ER733577Allied TelesisAT-FS202-9010/100Tx To 100Fx(Sc) Multi-Mode Fiber, Standalone Rate &Amp; Media Convert$266.34Details
ER931199Allied TelesisAT-FS238A/1-60Single-Fiber 10/100M Bridging Converter With 1310Tx/1550Rx$301.58Details
ER1002082Allied TelesisAT-FS238B/1-60Single-Fiber 10/100M Bridging Converter With 1310Tx/1550Rx$301.58Details
ER839089Allied TelesisAT-GS2002/SP-6010/100/1000Base-T, Sfp, Standalone Bridging Converter Lc Connector$311.52Details
ER909876Allied TelesisAT-MC1004-101000T To 1000Sx/Sc Media Converter$434.14Details
ER807432Allied TelesisAT-MC1008/GB-601000Mb/S Media Converter; Gbic Optical Fiber Slot; Univ. Power Adapter$296.62Details
ER747057Allied TelesisAT-MC1008/SP-601000Bt To Sfp, Standalone Media Converter$296.62Details
ER879072Allied TelesisAT-MC101XL-90Fast Ethernet Media Converter 100Tx (Rj45) To 100Fx (St)$0.02Details
ER833833Allied TelesisAT-MC102XL-90Fast Ethernet Media Converter 100Tx (Rj45) To 100Fx (Sc)$230.27Details
ER807494Allied TelesisAT-MC103LH-60100Tx (Rj45) To 100Fx (Sc) Sm (40Km) Media Conver W/ Univ. Power Adapter$619.74Details
ER820716Allied TelesisAT-MC103XL-102 Port 100Btx To 100Bfx/Sc Ethernet Media Converter Single Mode$472.25Details
ER783779Allied TelesisAT-MC104XL-60Media Converter, 100B-Fx Multimode To Singlemode Fiber Sc Conn Univeral Ver$594.87Details
ER816310Allied TelesisAT-MC115XL-60Fast Ethernet Media Converter 10/100Tx To 10Fl/100Sx St Mm 850Nm 300M$194.18Details
ER756561Allied TelesisAT-MC116XL-60Fast Ethernet Media Converter 10/100Tx To 10Fl/100Sx Sc Mm 850Nm 300M$194.18Details
ER837284Allied TelesisAT-MC13-60Centrecom Media Converter 10B-T(Rj45),10B-F 62.5/125(St) External Pwr Supply$221.69Details
ER876340Allied TelesisAT-MC605-60Media Converter Vdsl To 100Tx &Amp; Pots Port$194.18Details
ER871441Allied TelesisAT-MCF2000Chassis Media Converter Suppor Up To 24 Channels$245.74Details
ER773195Allied TelesisAT-MCF2012LC12 Channel 10/100Basetx To 100 (Mm 2Km) Media Blade For At-Mcf2000 Chassis.$1,595.66Details
ER724180Allied TelesisAT-MCF2012LC/112 Channel 10/100Basetx To 100 (Sm 15Km) Media Blade For At-Mcf2000 Chassis.$2,712.63Details
ER788447Allied TelesisAT-MCF2032SP12 Channel 10/100/1000Baset To 100 /1000Mbps Sfpfx Media Blade$1,595.66Details
ER756355Allied TelesisAT-MCF2300Multi-Ch 4 Slot Mod Chassis$473.93Details
ER830635Allied TelesisAT-MCR1-10Media Converter Chassis 1 Slots For Mc Or Fs Series$89.36Details
ER816947Allied TelesisAT-MCR12-10Media Converter Chassis 12 Slots W/ Int Power Supply$387.75Details
ER864457Allied TelesisAT-MCR1-80Media Converter Chassis 1 Slots For Mc Or Fs Series 48Vdc$111.69Details
ER824985Allied TelesisAT-PC2002POE-10100/1000Tx (Rj45) Poe To Sfp Media Converter$296.62Details
ER738886Allied TelesisAT-PC232/POE-10100Tx (Rj45) Poe To 100Fx (Sc) Fast Ethernet Media$296.62Details
ER974497Allied TelesisAT-QSFPSRQsfp+ Module$3,438.37Details
ER791852Allied TelesisAT-SP10ER40/I10Gig Sfp+Lr 40Km I-Temp,Lf$4,324.71Details
ER725243Allied TelesisAT-SP10LR10 Gbps Lr Sfp+$1,290.89Details
ER890532Allied TelesisAT-SP10LR20/I10Gig Sfp+Lr 20Km I-Temp,Lf$4,324.71Details
ER728790Allied TelesisAT-SP10LRM10Gig Sfp+Lrm,Mm,Lf$1,136.11Details
ER814428Allied TelesisAT-SP10SR10Gig Sfp+Sr,Lf$596.54Details
ER1037492Allied TelesisAT-SP20LR/I10G, 20Km, 1330 Nm, Sfp+, I$4,978.11Details
ER851790Allied TelesisAT-SPBD10-1310Km Bi-Directional Gbe Smf Sfp 1310Tx/1490Rx Hot Swappable$266.34Details
ER748827Allied TelesisAT-SPBD10-1410Km Bi-Directional Gbe Smf Sfp 1490Tx/1310Rx Hot Swappable$266.34Details
ER1033912Allied TelesisAT-SPBD20DUAL-1420Km, 1Gig, Csfp, Tx1490, Rx1310 Supports Two - One Gig$1,726.09Details
ER926956Allied TelesisAT-SPBD20EPON-13/ISfp-Based Epon Optics Bidirectional 20 Km$1,327.17Details
ER957933Allied TelesisAT-SPBD40DUAL-1440Km, 1Gig, Csfp, Tx1490, Rx1310 Supports Two - One Gig$2,244.67Details
ER1007966Allied TelesisAT-SPFX/1515Km 100Fx (Lc) Small Form Pluggable, Smf$164.97Details
ER986751Allied TelesisAT-SPFXBD-LC-13100Basefx, Tx=1330Nm, Single-Mode Bidi Fiber Sfp$201.06Details
ER943413Allied TelesisAT-SPFXBD-LC-15100Basefx, Tx=1550Nm, Single-Mode Bidi Fiber Sfp$201.06Details
ER990544Allied TelesisAT-STACKOP/0.3Optical Stacking Module Over Mmf For X510. 1 Piece. Cable Not$2,163.36Details
ER990760Allied TelesisAT-STACKOP/9.0Optical Stacking Module Over Smf For X510. 1 Piece. Cable Not$3,314.09Details
ER719802Allied TelesisAT-XPER4010Gbps Xfp, 40Km$8,983.37Details
ER747752Allied TelesisAT-XPER8010Gbps Xfp, 80Km$11,229.58Details
ER719158AltronixEBRIDGE100STTransceiver, Mini, Transmits Network Video/Data Ov$143.86Details
ER902245AltronixEBRIDGE1600PCRMReceiver, 16-Port, Transmits Network Video/Data Ov$2,179.05Details
ER322550AltronixEBRIDGE16CR16-Port Ethernet Over Coax Receiver, Ethernet Dis 328 Ft Coax Dis. 1500Ft$1,979.25Details
ER883021AltronixEBRIDGE16PCRMReceiver, 16-Port, Transmits Network Video/Data Ov$1,979.25Details
ER388128AltronixEBRIDGE16PCRXEthernet / Poe Or Poe+ Cver Coax Receiver, 16-Port$1,979.25Details
ER583271AltronixEBRIDGE1PCRMEthernet Over Coax Receiver Module, Ebridge Plus,$138.05Details
ER388129AltronixEBRIDGE1PCRMTEthernet Over Coax Receiver / Transceiver Kit, Ebr$255.75Details
ER359741AltronixEBRIDGE1PCRTEthernet / Poe Over Coax Kit, Ebridge Plus, Suppor$255.75Details
ER388130AltronixEBRIDGE1PCRTXEthernet / Poe Or Poe+ Over Coax Kit, Ebridge Plus$255.75Details
ER583272AltronixEBRIDGE1PCRXEthernet / Poe Or Poe+ Over Coax Receiver Module,$138.05Details
ER583273AltronixEBRIDGE1PCTXEthernet / Poe Or Poe+ Over Coax Transceiver Modul$129.32Details
ER583274AltronixEBRIDGE1SPRReceiver, Ethernet Over Coax, 60 Watts, Ce & C-Tic$114.79Details
ER818617AltronixEBRIDGE1STEthernet Over Coax Mini Transceiver, Transmits Ip$129.34Details
ER1078835AltronixEBRIDGE200BReplacement Board Ebridge200Wp$188.05Details
ER754523AltronixEBRIDGE4PCRMReceiver, 4-Port, Transmits Network Video/Data Ove$501.30Details
ER583276AltronixEBRIDGE4PCRXBOutput Ip/Coax Poe/Poe+ Board$541.30Details
ER728966AltronixEBRIDGE800PCRMReceiver, 8-Port, Transmits Network Video/Data Ove$1,133.11Details
ER922004AltronixEBRIDGE8PCRMReceiver, 8-Port, Transmits Network Video/Data Ove$1,029.20Details
ER872419AltronixNETWAY1XMidspan Injector, Single-Port, Poe (15.4W) Or Poe+$56.67Details
ER915905AltronixNETWAYXTXEthernet/Data Repeater, Extends 100M. Poe (Ieee 80$110.43Details
ER793067AltronixPACE16PRMReceiver, Long Range, 16-Port, Transmits Network V$2,179.05Details
ER120413American FibertekMR-89CA-AXReceiver Module, Multimode, Master, For Aiphone Ax$1,092.93Details
ER322355American FibertekMRX-48-LX-SL-AAMod Rx.1 Fiber 1Gig Ethernet Media Converter$1,185.63Details
ER584240American FibertekMT-404C-12VDCVideo Transmitter Module, Multimode, 4-Channel, 6$990.24Details
ER122233American FibertekMT-89CA-AXTransmitter Module, Multimode, For Aiphone Ax Inte$1,092.93Details
ER359251American FibertekMT915C10 Bit Digital Vid W/Protocol And Contact Clos Trx$1,396.49Details
ER322330American FibertekMTX-48-LX-SL-AAMod Tx.1 Fiber 1Gig Ethernet Media Converter$1,185.63Details
ER839911American FibertekMX1M-FX-SL-SCMini Media Converter Dual Fiber$524.93Details
ER880363American FibertekMX2-1000MM-500M10/100/1000 Base T2 Port Copper To 1 Port Mm Fiber- 500 MCall for Price.Details
ER764128American FibertekMX2-1000SM-20KM10/100/1000 Base T2 Port Copper To 1 Port Sm Fiber- 20 KmCall for Price.Details
ER897478American FibertekMX2-100MM-2KM10/100 Base T2 Port Copper To 1 Port Mm Fiber-2 KmCall for Price.Details
ER715908American FibertekMX2-100SM-20KM10/100 Base T2 Port Copper To 1 Port Sm Fiber-20 KmCall for Price.Details
ER584327American FibertekMX2-SM-LX-STMedia Converter Module, Mx2 Series, 100Base-Lx Eth$682.16Details
ER122255American FibertekMX-46-FX-STTransceiver Module, Multimode, Bi-Directional, 2-F$449.41Details
ER584384American FibertekMX-50-FX-1F-STTransceiver Module, Drop & Repeat, 10 / 100 Ethern$689.50Details
ER121640American FibertekRR-404CRack Card Video Receiver, Multimode, Rack Card $990.24Details
ER584536American FibertekRT-746CTransceiver, 746C Series, Rack Card Transmitter, C$1,217.62Details
ER971030Arlington Computer ProductsJ4858CProcurve Gigabit-Sx-Lc Mini-GbicCall for Price.Details
ER949753Arlington Computer ProductsJ8177CX121 1G Sfp Rj45 T Transceiver$248.24Details
ER960637Arlington Computer ProductsJ9054CHp X111 100M Sfp Lc Fx TransceiverCall for Price.Details
ER972877Arlington Computer ProductsJ9150AX132 10G Sfp+ Lc Sr Transceiver$871.75Details
ER928079Arlington Computer ProductsJ9151AX132 10G Sfp+ Lc LrCall for Price.Details
ER128409AvaLAN WirelessAW-POEPower Over Ethernet Injector$21.19Details
ER873716AvaLAN WirelessSMP-AW58300HTA5.8 Mhz O/D Wrelss Ethrnet Radio 300 Sempra Utilit$1,106.85Details
ER811536AvaLAN WirelessSMP-AW58300HTP-PAIR5.8 Ghz O/D 300 Mbps Wireless Sempra Utilities$2,128.56Details
ER126610Axis Communications0321-021Axis P8221 10Pack, No Pwr Sply$4,251.08Details
ER931804B+B SmartWorx / Advantech806-39040Ps/40X-Ac 40 Watt, 100-240 Vac$168.85Details
ER935392B+B SmartWorx / Advantech806-39125-ACPs/125-Ac Module, For Imediachassis/6-Ac 125 Watt, 100-240Vac$211.07Details
ER940627B+B SmartWorx / Advantech806-39125-DCPs/125-Dc Module, For Imediachassis/6-Dc 125 Watt, -48 Vdc$374.49Details
ER1024614B+B SmartWorx / Advantech806-39720Ac Power Adapter For Minimc Products 10 Watt -10C To +50C$18.09Details
ER1010153B+B SmartWorx / Advantech806-39753Ie-Power/5V Module Meanwell, -20C To +70C$59.11Details
ER932342B+B SmartWorx / Advantech806-39960-DCPs/960-Dc Power Module For P/N 850-10960 Chassis 350 Watt, -48 Vdc$317.50Details
ER1020102B+B SmartWorx / Advantech808-38101Ie-Sfp/155-Ed, Mm850-Lc$69.23Details